Team TPG

The Patillo Group team of subject matter experts delivers technology directives, leadership and guidance in analysis, forecasting and trending for and about the airport concessions industry worldwide.

Airport master developers, concessionaires, institutional and global investors, development companies and research firms turn to TPG to optimize existing programs, evaluate individual concepts, and conduct competitive analysis for one-off spaces as well as airport concessions master plans. TPG additionally offers expertise in assisting with certification, negotiating licensing agreements and evaluating operational effectiveness of individual spaces and airport terminal programs.

A TPG team member was Director of Concessions for Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and was specifically hired to lead the design, evaluation and selection process for the world’s largest single airport concessions RFP which included existing and newly created spaces for retail, food and beverage, and business travel services in Concourse E and the new Maynard H. Jackson, Jr. International Terminal (Concourse F).

After implementation, we managed the 300+ location concessions program generating nearly $500M in annual revenue at the world's busiest and most efficient airport. His scope also included capsule hotels, first-class common-use lounges, advertising, rental cars, and other special business services.

​Prior to leading concessions efforts at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta, our team member worked at Seattle-Tacoma, Chicago O'Hare, and Washington Reagan National. In addition to public sector experience, as an operator, he ran successful concessions at Denver, Jacksonville, Houston and LAX.

As a highly pursued and industry proclaimed subject matter expert in airport concessions, Our team is available to perform analysis, forecasting and trending for and about the airport concessions industry. TPG is known for being a thought leader for space planning, interior design and MEP development and has given several presentations at airport industry conferences such as AAAE, ACI and ARN.

Concessions Program Planning and MEP Concept Layout
Assess airport space and select concepts; arrange concessions concepts in optimal combinations given space constrictions and back-of-house requirements; deliver recommendations on point-of-sale configuration, signage, and support space allocation.

Procurement Optimization
Devise the optimal strategy for securing qualified, capable concessions operators given the prevailing governmental structure, airport management model, and local business community.

Concessions Leasing
Engage concessionaires to develop and negotiate win-win lease agreements that promote a dynamic airport business environment.

Concession Program Financial Performance Evaluation
Use ratio analysis and profitability metrics to assess quality of revenues delivered by entire concessions program. Benchmark program against relevant competitive airport programs.

ACDBE Program Compliance Analysis and Solutions
Develop and implement ACDBE program improvement initiative using a series of awareness-building outreach sessions designed to attract operationally qualified women-owned and minority-owned businesses. Evaluate program compliance against FAA approved goals; measure results against relevant airport peer group. Goal-seek program achievement to attain stated objectives.

Concessions - Individual Concept Performance Analysis
Analyze individual concept types and/or concept locations to determine performance level relative to industry standards.

Concessionaire Services

Airport Relationship Management: generate and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with targeted, key airport managers, directors and executives in a way that produces meaningful development opportunities​

Concept Optimization: general concept troubleshooting; market positioning analysis within the airport environment, pricing analysis, assessment of bundling options, social media marketing

Customer Service Process Improvement: queuing solutions, menu optimization, time-motion studies

Request for Proposals Response: generate qualified, compliant RFP responses that emphasize key attributes of respondent

Contract Negotiation: provide leasing assistance with negotiation on contract with airport or management entity; preparation of key exhibits to the lease agreement; negotiation leadership at key airport meetings.


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